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The Treasurer’s Office actively seeks qualified banks and other depositories to participate in our Linked Deposit and Access to Capital programs, which fill the need for deposits that satisfy specific financing needs (thus allowing qualified borrowers to receive low-interest loans), or in the case of Access to Capital, provide needed capital to financial institutions.

Linked Deposits

Linked deposits are made in Illinois financial institutions for a specific purpose/project and generally have a term greater than 1 year.

The current Linked Deposit program, Ag Invest, partners with approved financial institutions, providing banks with linked deposits so they can present qualified farmers and agriculture professionals with below-market rate loans to start or enhance their farm operations.

Access to Capital Deposits Program

The Treasurer’s Office places Access to Capital deposits in approved financial institutions (banks, savings & loans, and credit unions) throughout Illinois in the form of a time deposit maturing in 30 to 365 days. Deposits of these funds provide participating financial institutions with needed liquidity.

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